A Court of Mist and Fury: Review

A Court of Mist and Fury: Review

a court

“Alright, alright, alright,” said Matthew McConaughey as he polished his Oscar. “It’s time to review A Court of Mist and Fury.” Matthew placed the statue on the mantel, the gold reflecting in his eyes, and leapt through the open window into the tumultuous waves. He swam many leagues to pass on these vital instructions, and it is now time to crack open a little known book, ACOMAF. Crack it open like an egg on Easter morning, like Rhys crackin’ open Feyre’s ol’ noggin, like a…butt crack.

Matthew surfaces on the beach, “Y’all better understand that this post has spoilers. If you don’t heed my warning, it’s on you.”

Okay, enough chit-chat. I’ve broken this review into three parts in ode to the Bard, Sarah J Maas. (This series is a trilogy, right?)

A Court of Shits and Spits 

I was very critical of the first book,  A Court of Thorns and Roses.  Click here to read the review. Now I am not going to delve back into that can of worms. I think there are many people who have talked very critically on this series and the abusive relationships that are romanticized. The only question I will put out into the universe is,

“Are Rhysand’s actions from the first book justified?”

I lied. I’m going to delve into it a little bit. Really think about that question for a second. ACOMAF focuses a lot on the justification of sin. Feyre justifies (eh?) killing fae and nearly killing herself for a man she lusted. (I refuse to call Feyre/Tamlin love. They barely had a conversation longer than 5 lines in ACOTAR.) Tamlin justifies his abuse as protection. Lucien justifies his silence as serving the greater good. Nesta and Elain justify their ignorance to Feyre’s earlier suffering by…??? I’m not sure about that one. They really never justify or acknowledge it. (Azriel, Cassian, Mor, and Amren are perfect creatures who cannot sin in my eyes.)

Rhys sins just like the rest of the characters, but his sins and justifications are important to note because he is the end game, the big kahuna, the numero uno boy toy, lover, friend, the HUSBAND. Though his is the lord of the Night Court, he takes on an angelic role, bordering on martyr, in the second book. Literally Rhys can do no wrong in ACOMAF. The worst thing he does is hold back the fact that him and Feyre are practically soul mates. Which I’ve got to say he was right in doing. Can you imagine that conversation would have gone well earlier in the series? Rhys IS a martyr that sacrifices his own soul to protect this hidden city. (I could write a whole thesis on this hidden city shit. Like how does that even work? Don’t people ever want to leave?? Are they forced to stay in this utopia?? We never meet any of the city dwellers or have a conversation with them, so I like to imagine they are all robots.) He is horrible to Feyre in the first book, but it is justified because the Jacob-style imprinting?

Guys, I don’t really have answers for all these questions I just vomited up, but I think it is important to not just cross out Rhys’s wrong doing and create some perfect, heroic babe out of him. Boys who rufy at parties are not your soul mates and have important reasons to take advantage of you (like saving hidden cities). We always make excuses for assholes. Maybe I am just bored with the bad boy with a sweet center routine. I guess what I really, really wanted was one scene where Feyre just yells, “Why did you make me drink and wear practically nothing Under the Mountain?? Weren’t there other options??”

A Court of Fighting Leathers and Side Hunks

I will say Sarah J Maas does a tremendous job at looking critically and harshly at the actions of the male characters in the first book. Feyre, and many of the readers, are shown that Tamlin’s actions were horrible, Lucien’s actions were horrible, Feyre’s father’s actions were pretty horrible, Rhys is shit but still pretty bangable. I love that she builds up female friendships though I hope she kicks that up a notch in the next book. FFs FOR LYFE

I loved the Night Court, obviously. I do have a heart. I loved Azriel. He is a beautiful winged baby.


Please don’t mind me, but I have been binge watching a lot of The Bachelorette. I’ve gotta ask, Who is the Chad of ACOMAF? Who is the steroid driven, lunchmeat eating, monster ruining everyone’s day?


Rhys was the obvious choice in ACOTAR, but in a game changing move Tamlin became the Chad. (And I love Sarah for doing this!) Actually, the whole Spring Court has become the Chad of this world. I do not want to spend ONE SECOND at the Spring Court in the third installment. Which I guess isn’t an option at this point.

A Court of Predictions and Dreams 

I hope Feyre just winnows in and blows up the Spring Court. I expect a bad ass showdown between her and Inathe (I can’t be bothered to check the spelling of her name). Slayyy her Feyre, slay her! I hope luscious Lucien gets some god damn sense or a new eye to see Tamlin is a triflin’ fool. I hope 50 pages are dedicated to Mor and Azriel’s eventual love-making. I hope there are multiple POVs because I’ve got to stay current with the Night Court. Nesta and Cassian are going to have really explosive, humorous fights. Something is cooking with Amren. My prediction is she will get her true form back and maybe drag the King to whatever glamorous hell she is from?? I’m also going to put this out in the universe, my big prediction for the next book (the finale book?), Tamlin will sacrifice himself and die. He will make peace with Feyre and everyone but then he will die.

Or at least a girl can dream.


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