The Day of the Triffids: Book Review

The Day of the Triffids: Book Review

*Spoiler Free*

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to sit down and write this review. I’ve been battling my way through so much YA fantasy recently, and The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham was a nice, horrific change of pace. Let me just say, I never get scared by books, there might be a quick jolt of excitement or giddy nervousness, but nothing has ever frightened me. This book’s portrayal of blindness is frightening.


TDOTT is a book that kind of floated in the literature aether, something I recognized, knowing there was some importance, but no idea what it was all about.

Walking plants and blindness.

That’s essentially what is boils down to. Russians have created a  sentient plant that can walk and eats flesh. Others attempt to steal the triffids for commercial gain. Whoops, those plants fall into the ocean and now we’ve got baby triffids in backyards. Everyone is able to keep the dangerous plants at bay, until a comet makes a pit stop one night and blinds the majority of the humans who come out to gawk at it.

Our main character (I can’t be bothered to remember his name) wakes up in a hospital alone with bandages wrapped around his head from a previous injury. No doctors or nurses answer his call. The hallways and streets are silent except for the occasional yell into the void. Bob (let’s call him Bob) pulls the bandages off and finds that he can see, and no one else can. From there, we spiral into a The-Walking-Dead-28-Days-Later-every-apocalypse-movie-or-book-you-have-ever-seen-or-read experience. The difference being that this is the original. In fact, the opening scene is one that has directly influenced both opening scenes in The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later.

Why do we love the hospital scene? Well, we see someone at their most vulnerable point. They have come to an institution that we rely on to keep us safe, and the character now has to scramble to make sense of the broken, puzzle pieces of an apocalyptic world. Though the opening is one that has seen recreated many times, it was is very, very effective in this book.

Bob meets a wide variety of survivors and the barely-hanging-on. People handle the end of the world in many different ways (naturally). As interesting and introspective as the second half tried to be, nothing could beat the first half. I guess that is why so many creators copy it.

So yeah, this was a weird one folks. I could write more, but I think this is one that you have to experience for yourself. There are a lot of questions about being human. When do you let go of the civility of human nature in an apocalyptic circumstance? Honestly, I feel like it wouldn’t take much for me to a let go of my human side. There is also some talk about science blindly (hint hint) looking to progression and not weighing the consequences, but you guys should just read it because the plants eat people.

And I Darken: Book Review (And an Introspection on Being a Sister)

And I Darken: Book Review (And an Introspection on Being a Sister)

*Spoiler Free*

First and foremost, let me get my biggest (and really only) gripe out of the way. I had the hardest time remembering the title. It’s like I have late onset dyslexia. I Am Darken. And I Darken. I’ve Been Drankin (*Beyonce voice*). Those are just a few of the names I had for it while reading. Anyone else have this problem? Am I alone?

Now that we’ve handled that business…

And I Darken is a retelling of Vlad Dracula AKA Vlad the Impaler, the notorious prince of Wallachia, who had a fondness for a good ol’ human kabob (See: Impaling). His name was made famous by Mr. Bram Stoker (*vampire hiss*), and the last name has been associated with our blood-sucking friends ever since. What if someone decided to replace that finely mustachioed man pictured below with a badass female named Lada?

[Enter stage left] Kiersten White.


The story switches between Lada, the ruthless princess of Wallachia, and her sensitive, intelligent brother, Radu. Their father trades the pair as collateral to the sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and they are forced to grow up quickly in a foreign land. Where Lada feels like a caged tiger, Radu flourishes into a beautiful bird of the court. They both develop very intense and dependent relationships with the sultan’s son, Mehmed. The young Wallachian royalty must fight their own battles and survive in a society and time period that does not accept who they are.

I LOVED this book! It was dark(en). It was compelling. It was thoughtful. And I Darken is the first in a new series, and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves characters with skewed moralities, a reversal of societal gender norms, and a focus on familial love instead of romantic love. The relationship between Lada and Radu was the most interesting component, the glue that held the story together, so I am going to talk exclusively about their relationship.

Jealousy and hatred can run parallel to love and loyalty in a family. Like Lada, I have a younger brother, and I can admit from a (semi) adult perspective that I was horrible to him at times. My brother was closed off when I was loud. My brother was stoic when I was emotional. My brother was forgiving when I was bitter. I can still vividly remember pushing a girl who yelled at my brother in elementary school. I can also remember throwing a shoe at him; though, I can’t remember what I was mad about. Love and hate. Loving and hating yourself. Loving your father but hating him for his betrayal. Loving your mother but hating her because father left. Loving your brother but hating him because he is just a kid (remember that you are just a kid,too). Life is confusing. We have come a long way from where we once were. Honestly, I think that time and space helps mend some of the animosity of living in close quarters together for 18 years.

Growing up is hard enough but to eat, sleep, and live right next to someone going through a similarly confusing time can be difficult.You don’t know yourself. How are you suppose to know someone else? Lada and Radu go through a lot of those growing pains. Both are looking for acceptance, but they don’t realize they can find it in each other. Love is a powerful weapon in this book, but the danger is worth it.


What to Expect

What to Expect

Hello, to all the old and new faces! I thought I’d explain how this blog will work moving forward. Lay out my plans for world domination.

I (hopefully) will post every Wednesday. Hump day treat!


My review of And I Darken by Kiersten White while start it off this Wednesday. So look out! I’m in the middle of writing two other reviews at the moment, so I at least have my schedule for the rest of the month.

What about when posting catches up with my reading? I don’t read as much since I became another boring cog in the machine (I’m being dramatic…I got a real world job), so I don’t normally finish one book a week. I have some other bookish blog ideas. I would also like to post original short stories. I am currently writing a horror story for Halloween. I watch a lot of horror films, so I could attempt reviewing films every so often? Films seems like a hard medium to review in a blog, but I could always try. This post is turning more into a journal entry or to-do list…

What I’m trying to say, CONTENT IS COMING! You can look at this 100% certified baller picture of me with a Belle sweatshirt. Your childhood does not compare!

xoxo, Gossip Girl

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Empire of Storms: Book Review

Empire of Storms: Book Review

I know why the pages in Empire of Storms are bible thin, so you can rip them out and use as tissues for all your goddamn tears. How does SJM do this? There is nothing particularly stunning about her writing or characters. There is actually a lot to criticize. A LOT. But I always find myself in this position after finishing one of her books. I am running on limited sleep because I stayed up until 4:30 A.M. to finish this book. I will warn you not to start the last 200 pages if you have an early flight in the morning or any other event that requires you to set an alarm because you will spend half the night trying to finish with an erratic level of mania and fear.

Here is a three sentence, spoiler-free review because I am not spending a second longer on a freaking review that is spoiler-free (nobody’s got time for that): Empire of Storms is better than the first three books but on the same plain as Queen of Shadows. SJM does not learn from her mistakes, but I am almost willing to look past that for the excellent side characters and the frequently changing perspectives. If you were 100% against QoS then I don’t think this book is going to change your mind, but if you are willing to suspend your disbelief, you’re in for a roller coaster.

Okay, that is it. Spoilers from here on out. You’ve been warned.

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