Rusty Fork II: Strength

Rusty Fork II: Strength

Rusty Fork I

I’m roughly 5,500 words into a very rough draft. This is an idea that has been floating around for about a month. I’ve never had a story idea come so vividly and easily before, so I feel like this is a good sign. I’ve had ideas in the past. Many ideas. Usually my ideas start with a cinematic scene, more often than not it is a climatic scene. That one scene will play over and over in my head with different takes and actors and backgrounds, and I will start to formulate a story from there. Right out of college, I had one such idea. I will spare you the gory¬†details, but it wasn’t good. I had another idea last year for a fantasy that I worked on extensively for about 6 months, but I hit a wall and was not able to recover. I still like it, but I have set it aside for now. I may pick it back up in a few more years when it has aged a bit because I loved the characters. The characters were the strength, not the setting. I need to find them a home that they are worthy of.

Then I had an epiphany about two months ago. I kept trying to write fantasy, and it was not working. This blog helped me to realize that my strength might lie elsewhere. I can’t stress enough the importance this blog has had on my writing. Writers always talk about how writing is like any physical activity, you have to stretch and strengthen it with exercise, and I hate to say they are write (ha!). Writing about books has expanded my thoughts. Taking the time to really think about how and why a book worked or didn’t work has helped for me to grow. I have discovered over the last year my strengths and weaknesses.

My strength: characters

My weakness: setting

Instead of creating a world from scratch, why not base it on something very real? Why not write about something that I was always meant to write about? Dysfunctional families. So this is where I am putting my effort. My blood, sweat, and tears.



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