Rusty Fork IV: Location, Location, Location

Rusty Fork IV: Location, Location, Location

A road trip down I-40 led me unexpectedly back to the town I was born in, and it’s the town that has inspired the location of my story. I do have a Pinterest board for inspiration, but it’s private. The afternoon was cathartic, and it was inspiring to see, smell, and hear the world I imagined in my head. I tried to picture my characters walking down similar sidewalks. It felt real because it was once real to me, even though I am so completely removed from that world now.

Enjoy a slice of small town life.


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5 thoughts on “Rusty Fork IV: Location, Location, Location

  1. Lovely photos. Having a pinterest board for inspiration is a great idea. I’ve never been able to find a use for that site, but you’ve nailed it. Thanks!


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